Heating Residential Garages with Radiant Infrared Heaters

It is thought that heating your garage is expensive. Well it does not have to be… with radiant infrared heaters you can keep your garage warm while reducing your heating costs.  Gas fired radiant infrared tube heaters are ideal for this! If you work in your garage or just want to have climate control Serengeti-IR™ Gas fired radiant infrared tube heaters don’t blow air around your garage.  The Serengeti-IR™ takes advantage of the principles of radiant heat just like how the sun heats the earth.

The challenges associated with residential garage heating applications are generally the lower ceiling heights and lack of insulation.  With proper heat loss calculations and design these challenges can be mitigated and optimal efficiency can be obtained for your application.


Residential Garage with a Radiant Infrared HeaterResidential Garage Radiant Infrared Heater with Premium decorative grill

Residential Garage Radiant Infrared Heater - Straight Configuration

Residential Garage Radiant Infrared Heater - U Configuration

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