Outdoor Storage with Gas Fired Radiant infrared Heaters

Heating outdoor storage areas is a can costly but necessary endeavor.  If you have to heat an outdoor storage area there is no need to waste your budget with the wrong type of heating equipment.  With a gas fired radiant infrared system from Combustion Research Corp you are able to put the heat when and where you want it. In a partially covered area a gas fired radiant infrared system is far and beyond better than a forced air unit. With a forced air unit you are literally letting the heat and your money fly outside before you can really reap the benefits the heat. Gas fired radiant infrared systems put the heat where you want it when you want it saving you on the monthly heating bills.

An Engineered system like the Reflect-O-Ray® EDS gas fired radiant infrared system or a the Pre-Engineered Packages like the Omega II® are great for these Outdoor storage applications. Contact us and your local representative for heat-loss calculations, system design assistance, and any general questions about heating with gas fired radiant infrared systems.


Outdoor Storage Area Heated with Sas Radiant Infrared Heaters

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