Gas Fired Radiant Infrared Heater for Ice Arena Applications

Heating in an ice arena requires special considerations as to avoid any spill over to the ice. Heating for the stands help create a more comfortable place for the attendee’s to watch the event.  The more comfortable someone is the while watching the game the better chance there is to get people in the stands and spend money on the other items that are sold.

Radiant infrared heat provides one of the best heating methods for ice arena as it directs the heat where is needed.  In addition it limits the bleed over from the heated stands to the ice arena. With a force air heating system you heat the air and the bleed over to the ice area is more active resulting in less ability to make the customers more comfortable.  Additional benefits are that the monthly heating bills are 30-50% less using gas fired radiant infrared heaters over a force air system and reliably focus the heat where it is needed creating more comfort for your spectators.


Gas Fired Radiant Infrared Heat for Ice Arena

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