Radiant Infrared CNG Repair Facility Heaters

For maintenance and service of natural gas vehicles, the first priority is to ensure the maintenance facilities are modified to meet the code and safety requirements for maintaining and repairing NGVs. This is especially important because even if routine maintenance is being performed on a natural gas powered vehicle—such as an oil change or tire rotation—the maintenance facility must be able to safely accommodate the lighter-than-air fuel.

CNG and/or LNG vehicle maintenance and repair facilities must meet different code and safety requirements than those for gasoline and diesel when it comes to heating. To do this the heating must be in compliance with NFPA 30A 7.6.6. This states that the maximum allowed tube or Surface temperature is 750 °F (399 °C) for specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings.

Combustion Research Corporation manufactures a line of Reflect-O-Ray® gas fired radiant infrared Heaters in Single and Dual Stage specifically certified to meet this need. What this means is that you can still get the savings and benefits associated with radiant infrared heaters even though you are operating a CNG specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Building (CNG Repair Facility).

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