Radiant Infrared Brooder Heaters

What is a booder: “A brooder usually refers to some type of heated enclosure for raising baby poultry - whether those are baby chicks, turkey poults, goslings or what-have-you. Typically, a brooder includes a heat source, a source of food and water for the chicks, and bedding such as pine shavings.”

In commercial and large industrial applications there are generally large area’s devoted to the baby poultry. Radiant infrared heaters are ideal for brooders especially the radiant tube type.  They provide a more even heat distribution to help avoid the baby poultry crowding around a small area.  Reflect-O-Ray® radiant infrared heaters, manufactured by Combustion Research Corporation, has a patented option that reduces the  typical high temperature immediately downstream of the burner that is associated with competitive systems. This provides an even more comfortable area for the birds to mature in. An added benefit of the Reflect-O-Ray® system includes quicker drying of the fecal matter for easier and faster removal resulting in a healthier bird.  Installation of the Reflect-O-Ray® radiant infrared heating system will result in lower operating costs as well as improved general health of the birds.


Brooder Application

Brooder Application

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