Reflect-O-Ray® EDS 6.0 High Bay Aircraft Hanger Gas Fired Radiant Infrared Tube Heaters

The original dry tube gas fired system. BTU's available 240K and 360K manufactured in the US.

For High Bay and Aircraft Hangar Application - Mounting Heights from 18' to 80'+. *No Limitations in mounting height provided heat loss is covered!

Buildings and applications with High Bay applications with ceiling heights that are greater then 18 feet provide and extra challange when you are working to heat the space. To help with this issue Combustion Research Corporation developed a specialized heater that provides the same heating capabilities that we have been accustom to with in gas fired radaint infrared tube heaters. But with the added benifit of fewer systems cluttering the ceiling, fewer gas lines, fewer roof or wall penitrations, and best of all reduced installation costs. All this while gaining the benifits of efficently heating your high bay or aircraft hanger application, lowering your monthly heating bills, and lower maintainance costs.

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