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Reflect-O-Ray 4.C-DI EDS - Dual Input - Gas Fired Radiant Heater - Powder Coated - bottom view - Reflect-O-Ray Label - CNG and special fuel facility rated
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Reflect-O-Ray 4.C-DI EDS (Powder Coated)

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Specifically designed for CNG and/or LNG vehicle maintenance along with other Specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings. The Reflect-O-Ray EDS\EHS 4.C-DI Dual Input Gas Fired Radaint Infrared Tube Heaters meet code and safety requirements per NFPA 30A 7.6.6 and CSA guidlines. This heating system is in compliance with NFPA 30A 7.6.6 and CSA registered that the maximum allowed tube or surface temperature is 750 °F (399 °C) for specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings.

Applications include Specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings, Aircraft Hangers, Animal Confinement, Auto Dealerships, Brooders, Car & Truck Wash Bays, Commercial Applications, Greenhouses, Industrial Applications, Large Warehouses, Oil & Lube Shops, Patio's, Pole Barns, Service Garages, Shipping & Receiving Docks, Steel Warehousing, Swimming Pools, Warehouses, and more!

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  • ROR 4.C-DI Owners Manual 1.6 MB
    Reflect-O-Ray EDS-4DI.C & EHS-4DI.C Modulated Dual Input, Gas fired, Low Intensity Infrared Vacuum Vented Infrared Heating Systems Compliance with NFPA 30A 7.6.6 – maximum allowed tube temperature of 750 °F (399 °C) for Specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings. Installation, Operating, Maintenance and Parts Manual
  • Reflect-O-Ray EDS 4DI-CNG Specifications 85.6 kB
    It is the intent of this specification to identify design requirements and minimum standards for the quality, construction, delivery, installation, and operation of the low intensity, vacuum vented, gas fired infrared heating equipment. Minor variations, in accordance with standard practice, shall be indicated on the shop drawings and submitted for approval.
Reflect-O-Ray® EDS 4.C-DI GAS FIRED SYSTEMS (Powder Coated)

Dual Burner High Fire Inputs of 40,000 Btu/hr up to and including 60,000 Btu/hr with low fire aprox 30% less for use in Specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings. Systems are designed to your specifications! With Reflect-O-Ray® 4DI EDS you can heat 500 sqft to a million sqft and more. Working with us, your Manufactures rep, and Local contractor of your choice we are able to properly clculate your heat loss, custom design radiant infrared heating system, install the system, and provide valuable after purchase follow-up by joining our free newsletter mailer.

The original dry tube gas fired system. Specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings modulating individual burner input  BTU's available from 40K to 60K (High Fire- Low fire 30% less) manufactured in the US.

    • SKU
  • Manufacturer
    Combustion Research
  • BTU's
    High Fire - 40K Btu's / Low Fire - 28K Btu's, High Fire - 45K Btu's / Low Fire - 31K Btu's, High Fire - 50K Btu's / Low Fire - 35K Btu's, High Fire - 55K Btu's / Low Fire - 38K Btu's, High Fire - 60K Btu's / Low Fire - 42K Btu's
  • Fuel Type
    Natural Gas (NG), Propane Gas (LPG)
  • Burner Voltage
  • Exhauster Voltage
    110V, 208V, 277V, 240V, 480V, 600V
  • Exterior Finish
    Powder Coated
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  • 10 Year Warranty on Radiant Tubes For Internally Created Corrosion
  • 100% factory tested.
  • 3 Try Direct Spark Ignition - 100% Safety Lockout
  • Modulating Dual Input
  • Compliance with NFPA 30A 7.6.6 for use in Specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings
  • Burner Flame Inspection Window
  • CSA Certified (Formally A.G.A & CGA)
  • Each System is custom designed for optimum comfort and fuel efficiency.
  • Easy Installation
  • Electronic Flame Monitoring
  • Emitter Tubing S.E.C. Designed for Optimum Efficiency and Output
  • Energy Savings of 30-50% over Conventional Heating Systems
  • Natural Gas or Propane Gas
  • Powder Coated Burner Housing
  • Pre Purge Cycle
  • Radiant Tubing Constructed Entirely of Corrosion Resistant Aluminized Steel
  • The "Original Dry Tube System!"
  • Vacuum Fired Systems
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Large Warehouses
  • Animal Confinement
  • Oil & Lube Shops
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Patio's
  • Brooders
  • Pole Barns
  • Bump Shops
  • Service Garages
  • Car & Truck Wash Bays
  • Shipping & Receiving Docks
  • Commercial Applications
  • Steel Warehousing
  • Greenhouses
  • Specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings