Reflect-O-Ray® EDS\EHS 4.C-DI Gas Fired Modulating dual stage Radiant Infrared Tube Heater

Specifically designed for CNG and/or LNG vehicle maintenance along with other Specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings. The Reflect-O-Ray EDS\EHS 4.C-DI Gas Fired Radaint Infrared Tube Heaters meet code and safety requirements per NFPA 30A 7.6.6 and CSA guidlines. This heating system is in compliance with NFPA 30A 7.6.6 and CSA registered that the maximum allowed tube or surface temperature is 750 °F (399 °C) for specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings.

The original dry tube gas fired system. Specialty Fuel Vehicle Repair Buildings modulating individual burner input  BTU's available from 40K to 60K (High Fire- Low fire 30% less) manufactured in the US.

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