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"A Leader In Low Intensity Infrared Heating Since 1965"

Combustion Research Corporation, located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, has been in the Low Intensity infrared heating business for over 50 years. We have the personnel, experience, and infrared heating products necessary to meet all of your heating needs. Our infrared heating line encompasses Low Intensity infrared heating and High Intensity infrared heating with applications for Green house infrared heating as well.

Reflect-O-Ray® Engineered Design Systems and Omega II® Pre Engineered Packages are the finest low intensity vacuum vented and power vented systems available.  Reflect-O-Ray®, Omega II®, Serengeti-IR and Synergy® systems provide users with unparalleled comfort, dust and draft reduction with dynamic energy savings. Manufactured in and located in Michigan US for over 50 years

Our Mission
To provide our customers with the absolute highest quality infrared heating products and innovative services so that they always receive the highest value from the investment made on their infrared heating system!
Quality Statement
Quality Statement - Every unit, without exception is thoroughly tested prior to shipment, not merely spot checked. Reflect-O-Ray®, Omega II®, Serengeti-IR and Synergy® systems have always been in the forefront technology and meet and in most cases exceed industry standards in safety and component quality. Combustion Research Corporation's assurance of quality is stated in our Ten Year Radiant Tube Warranty. The patented materials used in Reflect-O-Ray®, Omega II®, Serengeti-IR and Synergy® systems add to their optimum efficiency, making Reflect-O-Ray® and Omega II® the radiant heating system of choice for informed customers. This dedication to excellence and our commitment to quality assures complete satisfaction.
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